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Your Stories

We are proud to service clients across the country. Here are four pages summarizing a few of their comments.

Jasmine - Lawyer, Toronto

The team at Spiegel and Associates has been amazing to work with from the outset! They have a keen attention to detail which is a necessary component of providing valuable accounting services. Setting them apart from the rest is that they take the time to explain all of the paper work, send me much needed reminders and respond to my inquiries in a timely fashion. I am grateful to have such a friendly group of people on my side, particularly during tax time.

Jason, COO - Nautical Repair, Fabrication & Supply, Toronto

I have worked with Spiegel and Associates for many years and have found them to be extremely helpful in all aspects of my business and personal financial requirements. In addition they are extremely well informed and helpful, which is why I would not hesitate to recommend their services.

John, CFO - Electrical Contracting, Mississauga

As a client of Spiegel and Associates for many decades, we’ve always felt comfortable with their business handling our company financials and I know we’ve gained as a whole with them in our corner.

Jonathan - Film Producer, Vancouver BC

Spiegel & Associates has consistently given me excellent service and sound advice. So much so that when my family moved west to Vancouver, we chose to stay with the Spiegel & Associates team. You would be hard pressed to find another firm that operates at their level. Their attention to detail is second to none, and they make my life extremely easy.

Mercy - Medical Specialist, Toronto

I have been a client of Spiegel and Associates for over 30 years, both corporate and personal. They have consistently dealt with all of my financial issues promptly and with such professionalism that is unsurpassed! Every member of this organization is knowledgeable, extremely friendly, reliable and incredibly helpful. They all have a knack for making one feel welcomed and truly cared for and it is a joy for me to know that I am in good hands with people possessing such integrity. I can rely upon them with all my tax related issues and have peace of mind.

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