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New Portal

Spiegel & Associates introduced in 2022 a new portal.

This portal service comes from Wolters Kluwer CCH, the world's leading provider of accounting software. The portal provides a highly secure method of communication with our firm including sending documents and other electronic data files. The portal has bank level encryption with some of the highest standards in North America and far exceeds both CRA and IRS requirements.

Not only can you send us your yearend materials, sensitive files, and so on, in a safe and confident manner but you will receive from us your client copies of tax returns, financial statements, and other such materials to be accessed at any time.

You can ask us to add people to your portal such as an administrator or a spouse so they have access to the documents or can upload on your behalf.

But best of all the portal uses DocuSign and for most documents such as your tax returns, we will trigger an email and you can electronically sign-off with just a few clicks.

To use the portal, you must first be invited to registered. Please email any of our staff to send trigger a registration email with a one-time unique link.

After you are registered, you can access the portal any time at https://sapc.cchifirm.ca/clientportal (bookmark this link for use after registering.)

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